Saturday, July 11, 2009


When I was in high school, I was one super-cool chick, and I got a pack of those little glow in the dark stickers that you can put on your ceiling, so that at night, it looks like you're sleeping under the stars (or at least, that's the supposed effect). Instead of spreading them all over my ceiling, I wrote a message with them that I'd look up and see every night as a reminder: This world is not my home.

I'm very aware of the truth of those words right now. My heart has been heavy and burdened for a few days. There is so much pain and heartache going on in several of my friends' lives, and in some of these cases, I'm able to empathize at a very personal level. This is part of the fellowship of the church - the way Jesus intended it - to feel and help carry our brothers' and sisters' burdens. But right now, with all of this pain and mourning and struggle, I'm reminded more than anything else that this is not where we belong, and I am so thankful for this truth.

As much as I'm loving this life with my husband and my boys, my family and friends, I've also been at a place in my life where I hurt so badly, I felt like I couldn't hardly breathe, let alone function normally in everyday life, and I know it's possible/probable that other extremely painful things will come and go again. Satan truly is the prince of this world, and I'm a fool if I let myself forget it. He's the father of lies, no doubt. But even in the midst of this, I'm able to cling to my one true hope, the truth we have in this life: this life is fleeting (though it doesn't feel that way when our guts are wrenching), and this will pass. We have a promise and a hope and a lovely, perfect place, filled with lovely, perfect people waiting for us someday. Amazing.

So while I pray for these people and try to help with other burdens (which I feel blessed and honored to do), I remember that there is something better and more beautiful waiting for them and for me, even if it doesn't get any better here (although, in most cases, I believe that it will, but even if it doesn't, how good God is to give us His promises and hope to cling to). And I praise God for His goodness, because where other people and circumstances are not always good - and sometimes they stink and rot like a heap of garbage, truth be told - God is always good. His mercies are new every morning, His love never fails, and He knows my inner most thoughts and desires and cares deeply about it all, even the silly stuff. That helps my head hit the pillow much more peacefully at night.

...Not really sure how to end this post, or what the main objective or point is, but I wanted to put the thoughts out there. Thanks for reading. And to the dear people reading this that are hurting, I say a prayer for you, asking the Holy Spirit to intercede where others' words and intentions fail and fall short. I'm so glad God is God for me and for you.