Thursday, February 9, 2012


This song suits my life to a tee right now. I am on the steepest roller coaster ride of my life being here. These past two weeks have completely, totally, sadly, eaten my lunch. I'm like the wimpy kid at school who gets his lunch stolen day after day after day. That's how I've felt for the whole two weeks, and I'm not sure I've ever been this stressed.

The nice thing is, that even though this has been the longest stretch of seriously hard stuff we've been through so far, I still know the rough patch will end and things will get lighter and brighter and smoother again, and I'll get to take a deep breath, look around, and be thankful that we made it through another difficult time out here. And the amazing thing is, I can feel God's presence when I seek it, and He gives me storehouses of peace and joy and love for this family the minute I ask for it (which is good because otherwise I might lose my ever-loving mind :) ).

Our four youngest girls are going on a retreat this weekend that I believe they will really benefit from. I found out yesterday that our church is going to fully fund all six of our girls to attend their high school and middle school youth group retreats this spring, as well as ALL of their mission trips this summer. AMAZING and SO exciting!! Again, I believe these trips will bless them, help them grow, and draw them closer to the Father.

This weekend while we only have four kids (HA! There's something wrong with that statement...), I am going to rest and reflect. And next week while our girls are at another cottage and we are on relief week, I am going to pray and spend some deep, much-needed time in the Word. And I'm going to take half a dozen bubble baths :). And eat some ice cream. And watch Pride and Prejudice five times. And go shopping. And have a Girl's Night. Ahhhh, I feel better already :).

For those of you who are praying, please pray more than ever. Michael and I believe we are under direct attack right now. Satan hates what we are doing here, and he seeks to tear us down and destroy this work. Please pray for our strength, endurance, peace, joy and wisdom in what we are doing - for those things specifically.

Love and Blessings to you all!