Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I broke down and got one, and before you scoff or laugh it up at my expense, let me just say that I'd looked at the Kindle once before and thought it was ridiculous. I'd heard they were for women who wanted to read steamy romance novels without being found out by the rest of the world.

And then I did some research.

I discovered that the Kindle has a web browser, which can be used anywhere that has free internet, so on travels, in the airport, at Starbucks, McDonalds (not that I'll use it all that much, but still, it's nice to know!).
It also has the ability (and this was a HUGE selling point for me) to download files from your computer. Which means, I get to download my own book onto it for others and myself to edit/read. Fabulous.
Another huge selling point is that you can copy blank documents onto your Kindle and type (it has a mini-keyboard), which means that if I'm off somewhere or on vacation or whatever and I want to work on a book I'm writing, I can type notes or even chapters onto the Kindle and store them until I get home.
It can also play music and read aloud to you. So cool.
So pretty much when I travel, I don't need my laptop or stacks of books to read. Just my teeny-tiny new toy. Fabulous.

So those are the reasons I got it, and I must say, I'm loving me some Kindle.