Friday, July 18, 2008

Vote your favorite

Okay friends, I'm getting my hair totally re-vamped. I need your help. Vote your favorite:

1. The Big Sexy

2. The Happy Homemaker

3. The Ice Queen

Thanks for your input! It'll definitely help me make a fashionable decision!


Lori said...

definately the ice queen...everyone knows that blondes have more fun!

Kristen said...

Go Big Sexy! hair got revamped while I was gone...not totally intentionally though :)

angela said...

I think the Big Sexy rocks! Looks fun and easy to maintain!

Lloyd said...

hahaha... I'm voting the ice queen because of the lower maintenance. This is very funny though. Nice work!

p.s. you should go to your options and enable OpenID logins for your posts :)