Thursday, August 7, 2008


It's been a while friends, but yours truly has been busier than one person should be allowed. I've got three pieces of news to share, each following piece bigger than the previous goes.

1. NEWS -- This just out...Mr. B. is officially the CUTEST clown ever known.

I couldn't keep his hat on long enough :(

The peeps at church dressed the kiddos up on their last summer day, keeping in with the circus theme they've had going. This is what I found when I went to pick him up (minus the sad/annoyed expressions that inevitably come when he sees a camera). Plus they had a bag of goodies and B. babbled on and on about the bounce house they got to play in when I asked him about it. So thanks Mindy and all the ladies who made it such a great experience for our little ones!

2. BIGGER NEWS -- You may have wondered in the past, "Who are the most wonderful, giving, selfless, hard-working people in the whole wide world?" I mean, who cannot possibly be topped? Oh friends, I have the answer. Their names are Micah and Lori. You read me right, and I'll tell you why. I took in upon myself recently to strip, texture, and repaint our master bathroom (see wallpaper picture below and you'll understand why), but I myself did not texture...oh, no, two angels from heaven came to do this for me. I was going to simply borrow a texturing machine (called a hopper - who knew?!) from Micah, which was wonderful in and of itself, when they were like, hey, why don't we just come do it for you? So they brought their sweet Annalee over for Bennett to play with, and we spent about 4 hours prepping, papering, texturing, and smoothing my bathroom walls. Michael was out of town, so Micah had to do all the nasty stuff (like removing our toilet - gross with a capital G) and stuffing his hand down the glop-ridden hopper, and skating on toilet water (don't ask). You won't find two more kind-hearted, giving people. I couldn't believe they spent their whole Saturday morning doing this for us and helping me out with my "small project." THANK YOU BOTH!!
The pictures I've included are befores, the work process, and afters.

hideous, I know..ALL OVER the walls

our prep work - we had to do this to the WHOLE bathroom, and around the CEILING..argh

Micah and the hopper

How they had to travel to the back yard to hose off so they'd prevent hoppered floors :)

still debating the wood doors..but the walls are beautiful!

pretty bathroom :)

4. BIGGEST NEWS -- Campbell Baby #2 is ON THE WAY, predicted to make an appearance around March 26, 2009!! This is yet another answer to prayer for us. This baby was in the works in our hearts and minds, and not really what we were going to actively try for for another couple of months, but God knew our hearts and what our family needed, so here he/she comes and we are THRILLED, PUMPED, and whatever other all caps words that equal excitement you can think of! We absolutely believe this is a direct blessing from God for our family and we are so thankful for the ease and wonder of it all. We'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our sweet one and our family as we change and grow.

(And if anyone has an AWESOME doctor they'd like to recommend, please e-mail me or facebook me or something to let me know, because I wasn't real satisfied with my last one, and have yet to find another one that I feel good about).


Trina said...

I loved the Texas Healthcare Midwives group. The head lady's name is Nancy Jo Reedy. They were wonderful and delivered at the hospital.

Kristen said...

Forgot to look at your bathroom the other night...

We have some pretty cute clowns, don't we?? :)

Congratulations! I am sooooo excited for you!

Jason & Summer said...

Yay for baby #2 - so excited for you! Way to go Lori & Micah helping with the bathroom - that was a blessing I bet. Of course I recommend my wonderful Dr. Williams - if you need her phone number let me know. :-) See you on Monday night!

Lori said...

Of course I am SO excited about news #3!!!! And you were way too generous with your sweet words about us, but thanks! :)

Riss said...

This is so exciting!! What an amazing blessing...Congratulations! I'd recommend my doctor (who I adore), but she's in Lewisville.

Kristi Petrak said...

Yea!!! Congratulations!!! So cool. Also, congratulations on the remodeling and ADORABLE clown. ^_^ You're right--he is the cutest clown ever. ^_^ Love you and am so happy for you!

mindy said...

SO happy that Bennett enjoyed Mommies Day Out. He is growing up so fast! I am just so thrilled you are going to have another one - I didn't have him in the Nursery long enough!

Emily said...

You and baby #2 are such and answer to prayer! I know it's selfish, but I had so much fun having a right-there-with-me preggo buddy with #1 that I was really praying that there would be someone else to go on this second journey with - I'm so glad it's you! Can't wait to see what's in store...

Courtney said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Too fun! I doubt you want my recommendation since I'm the crazy person who has babies at home. :) Seriously, though, I'll be praying that everything is wonderful with this pregnancy!

Haley said...

I am elated for you guys!!!! I also would reccommned my doc, she's delivered all mine and all my nieces and nephews. Dr barbra webster, she's in the women group right across from HEB hospital and the other woman I LOVE and would use now if we were to have another one would be one of her partners. I beleve it's dr. henderson, she's a christian, and just flat out personable, like you've known her for years. SO there's my two cents. yay yay yay for you guys!