Saturday, February 6, 2010


Michael gave me an ENTIRE day off yesterday, and it was fabulous, I must say. I left the house at 7:30AM and hung out at Starbucks with my Kindle and white hot chocolate (heavenly). Then ran some errands to get ready for my baby's 1st birthday party (Insane.), and for Valentine's Day. Errands? you may be thinking. Why did you run errands on your day off? But let me tell you friends, it didn't even feel like I was running errands because there were no snotty noses, no whiny voices, no little hands tugging and pulling and patting at me...just me and my thoughts. I had time to interact with people, to smile at people, to really stop and study the things I wanted to look at. I spent an hour at Target trying on clothes and looking at shoes (found three pairs that I wanted, bought none *sigh*), just because I could. I stopped at Subway for lunch and SAT DOWN at a table to eat my sandwich. I could've cried at the beauty of it all.

And then last night me and my mom went out for dinner and a movie. We saw Avatar, and were shocked when our tickets were pronounced to cost $12 a piece! Really?! We realized after buying them that it was the 3-D version, so we got the super-cool oversized Blues Brothers glasses to wear. Mom paid, and I felt so horrified by the price of the tickets, I decided to treat her (and myself, of course) to some candy. The bag was $4.50, and when I actually took it in my hand, I was shocked by how small it was. So I bought another bag. That's right. $9.00 for two small bags of M&Ms. We ended up totaling somewhere around $33.00 for our "date" at the movies. But I must say, we both left feeling it was all worth it for a nice break and an entertaining movie. But next time I think I'll skip the 3-D and the particular movie theater we were out, whose prices are enough to make you want to eat your hair.

THANK YOU, Michael for my amazing day off from mommy-hood and wifedom. I feel refreshed!