Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We've played some silly games...

And hammed it up in our school's Spring Show.

We've practiced our GQ poses.

And got our first tattoo.

We've made LOTS of silly faces.

And played tickle monster on big brother's bed.

We've played with lots of friends.

We've gone swimming a LOT.

And we've practiced our WALKING!! :)

And there's a month-long picture walk for you, in the shoes of our Benito and Jasper John.


Vicky said...

A special thanks from Nanna!

I was particularly struck by how much Bennett looks like you and Jasper looks like Michael.

In the picture with Bennett wearing glasses, his smile is the image of you.

Below that one, when Jasper is reaching up to his hat, he reminds me so much of Michael.

I loved them all!!