Sunday, January 15, 2012


Christmas was a crazy, wonderful time for us this year. We celebrated right before church on Christmas Day at my parents' house, and again later that day when my extended family came to our home for the day. We were blessed and excited to have Michael's parents with us as well this year. On Christmas Day itself, everyone brought finger foods and we munched on everything instead of having a formal sit down meal, which worked out wonderfully since everyone arrived at different times throughout the day. We played games, had a gift exchange, and renewed our tradition of playing kickball. It was wonderful seeing everyone and having our family all under one roof for the day.

Before Christmas, our cottage went to several parties hosted by churches and organizations, and all of our kids were blessed by the gifts they gave.

On major holidays, our girls all go on family visit for 5-7 days. When they got back, we had our cottage Christmas, watching Christmas movies and opening presents.

We took a ton of pictures, but I don't have them all in an organized place yet. Below is a collection of pictures of all the different ways we celebrated Christmas this year that actually ended up on my computer.

Christmas Day

On our way to the Breakfast Pajama Party hosted by a church in the area.

Cottage Christmas