Friday, March 2, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we were on our relief week, where the girls stay with the relief house parents from Monday to Monday. On previous relief weeks, I used to work my fanny off around the house, getting extra things done, doing little projects, decorating, hanging pictures that sadly are still not on the walls, etc. By the time the girls got back, I was exhausted all over again, which wasn't very smart of me. This past time, I figured out that on relief week, I actually need to feel relieved by resting. So I made up my mind not to take on any more painting, straightening or organizing. Instead, I planned a week of book reading, book writing, bubble baths, take out food, and especially napping :). Half way through the week, I was feeling good and feeling amazed that I still had several days left to take it easy. I asked Michael about making plans to have dinner with an old friend, and surprisingly, he said "no." This is unusual for him, so I had a hard time letting go, wondering why. He finally told me I couldn't make any more plans with friends, and that he'd already contacted the other friends I had weekend plans with to cancel, because he was taking me on a four-day weekend getaway. He wouldn't tell me where, but told me we would be leaving the following afternoon, and my parents already knew they would be keeping the boys.

The next afternoon he drove us out past Sulphur Springs to a little town called Mt. Vernon, and we stayed in a Bed-and-Breakfast, retreat-type ranch. It's called Selah Ranch, and it was such a restful place. Michael and I couldn't believe we hadn't been alone doing something like that since I was 10 weeks pregnant with Jasper. Crazy!

The whole time we were there, we watched movies, ate delicious meals, rode around the surrounding land in a golf cart, and had plans to play 18 holes of frisbee golf that was thwarted by the weather. I got so much work done on my second book, it's not even funny. I got to sleep in three mornings in a row, take hot showers after an awesome country breakfast each morning, and got to spend some major quality time with my honey, who orchestrated all of it simply to give me some much-needed rest. While we were there, I felt the knots unwind and release in my back, I felt refreshed, and I felt like my old self again - someone who laughs a lot and has fun and doesn't take things quite so seriously. It was just what I needed, and the effects of the trip have lasted ever since - two weeks later. We're thinking about going back there, or somewhere like it, every six months or so to give us both a good recharge :).

I am SO grateful to have a man like Michael. I know I could not do what we are doing without him. He makes it all so much easier and so much more enjoyable :).

The gorgeous room we stayed in

The view from our balcony.

Riding around on the frisbee golf course :)

Michael out on the golf cart (another view from our room).

Me and my sweetie :)


Megan said...

Wow! That place looks amazing. I know the feeling. This is sad (and I do know it is because we don't have people close by to keep our kids), but we are taking our first trip without our kids this coming furlough. I am talking before Ana! I am so excited. So I can totally empathize. There is something to taking care of yourself in order to be worth something in God's kingdom. The Sabbath command is still alive and well. Way to go Michael!