Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bennett!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BENNETT!! I'm so proud to be your mommy and I praise God for you!

I went to work today so Michael took off work to spend this special day with our little boy. Apparently Bennett's diet subsisted of cheerios, carrots and burritos....why am I not surprised? :) Michael took lots of pictures and the two of them dressed up in their matching Ohio State football jerseys (Michael is a HUGE Buckeyes fan). When I first saw the two of them after work, I died laughing. They were just SO cute!
We're not doing a whole lot today for Bennett's birthday because he's having his party on Saturday (from which there will be more pictures and news to follow, I'm sure), but he'll get to open a couple of presents :)
The COOLEST thing about today (aside from the fact that a year ago today I became a mommy and the world was blessed with such a sweet baby boy) is that Bennett officially started WALKING!! He was taking steps and standing up independently, but he took off today for his daddy and walks all the way across the room now! It's so special that it happened on his special day! I just couldn't be prouder - I'm certain if I were wearing something with buttons, they'd all be popping off :)


Vicky said...

Oh Bennett!!!! You are so cute!!! I am so excited that you started walking on your birthday!! I can't wait to see you at Christmas.

I love you,

Grandma Campbell

Kristen said...

yay for walking! He'll keep you on your toes for sure!!

Lori said...

Yeah Bennett!! Annalee is right behind you...maybe you could give her some tips on the whole walking thing!