Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have a Passive Aggressive Pooper in my house.
What is that, you may ask?

It's when a two-year old, who's fully potty trained aside from the daunting #2, absolutely refuses to do that particular business on the potty. Instead, he lies in wait for the opportunity to hide and go in his super-fab Lightning McQueen underwear. Like today, when we rushed to the potty six different times because he needed to go, then when he got there, he cried and moaned and begged to get down, go play, etc. And what did he do when he went to his room for independent play/nap time? You guessed it, my amazingly intelligent friends. He pooped in his underwear and stunk up the whole room. Awesome.

So, we'll try again tomorrow (because I usually only get one shot a day). *sigh*

But all in all, I must say my bud is doing stinkin' awesome with potty training. He tells me every time he needs to go, even when he's at a friend's house having a blast. He stays dry during nap time, and he's now staying dry during the night. This is going a lot more smoothly than I thought it would, for which I give thanks.

So pretty much we're rockin' the potty....aside from the passive aggressive poop. The Stinker. :)

P.S. If anybody has any poop advice, feel free to pass it on.


Kim Hodges said...

I'm listening, too, because that's EXACTLY where we are with Kalleigh's training. What's up with the poop?