Saturday, October 31, 2009


Our Halloween was interesting. Benito (my little M&M) declared today "Melt-down Day" and had a few, along with more time-outs than I could count. So we ended up leaving Fall Fest early. By that evening he got it under control and me and my buddy went trick-or-treating. At first he was so polite, saying "Twick-oh-tweet!" and "Tank you!" each time he got more candy. Towards the end I was trying to control his grabby little hands - he was plunging into our neighbors' candy bowls, coming out with fistfuls. That "tandy" is irresistible :)

We also got TP-ed on Halloween night. Oh, the joys of being married to a middle school teacher. Lucky for me, said middle school teacher doesn't mind cleaning up after his students (and it was a watered down job - we think our neighbors scared them away mid-roll).

Our little Dalmation napped through most of the festivities. I'm betting he'll be ready to get into the action next year. Enjoy the pics.

Dressed up at school.

Sweet brothers - man, I'm blessed.

Ready to go!

There's a picture just like this with me and my dad when I was Bennett's age.

A pumpkin full of "tandy!!"

The amateur TP job (whoa, buddy could I teach those kids a thing or two :) )