Thursday, October 27, 2011


Things I've learned so far about mothering teenage girls:

1. It is always better to listen and gather information before speaking or acting.
2. Teen girls want to know that a) you care about them, and b) that what they care about matters c) they are respected d) they have a voice.
3. They can eat as much as teen boys when you make their favorites :).
4. When I keep calm, they keep calm.
5. They make life SO. MUCH. FUN.
6. They're boy crazy. I pray and try to direct the boy craziness toward boys who are worthy of it, and who would make good husbands someday.
7. They still like to have milk and cookies when they get home from school :).
8. The roller coaster ride of emotions you've heard comes with raising teen girls? Oh, yes. Every word is true. But the high ups make the low downs completely worth it.
9. They not only need boundaries. They want them (even if they act like the opposite is true).
10. They need their daddies. Big time.
11. They like to talk. A lot.
12. The hormones, growth changes, life changes, etc. of toddlers and teenagers are not that different.
13. If they see you doing something, they are ten times more likely to do it themselves (i.e. exercise, reading your bible, going to church regularly, cleaning up, etc. This also includes negative habits/behaviors).
14. Life is hard for them. It's a rough stage of life.
15. They give excellent fashion and make-up advice.
16. They're oh-so-much fun to giggle and be silly with :).
17. Self-esteem building - also huge.
18. They will play games during conflict if you do, and sometimes they will play games during conflict even if you don't. Either way, I choose not to be a game player, because it gets us nowhere.
19. They respect honesty and kindness and can sense when you do or don't live by those codes.
20. They're not too old to do little kid stuff, like roasting marshmallows, going trick-or-treating, dressing up like adult-sized hot dogs and penguins, getting lots of hugs, watching Disney movies, getting surprise treats or notes, taking goofy pictures, doing art projects, etc.


Vicky said...

I would say that you have learned exactly what you needed to learn about teenagers and you will find that this is a lesson that you will learn again and again.

I am so proud of you and Michael as you parent my precious grandsons and these precious girls I have not yet come to know. We pray for you frequently and love you always.

Brad and Lauren Holmes said...

Awesome post Jennifer! You are an inspiration to me and I love learning from you.

Kristi Petrak said...

Very true!!!