Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Two days ago marked our one year anniversary being here as house parents to teenage girls.  A year ago, we were blissfully ignorant, and we had a road full of hardship and heartache to travel before arriving where we are today.

Today was actually a tough day, but I'm getting used to weathering the storms, and God is helping me get better at moving on and not hanging onto baggage.  Our learning curve is still huge, but it isn't as brain-imploding as it used to be :).  We are finally starting to do everything for the second time, and that alone is soooo very helpful.

I am looking forward to experiencing this year with a little bit of experience and knowledge under my belt.  Next week we are on our relief week, and I'm planning to use the rest time to reflect and pray about improving and continuing the work here.  Thank you, Lord, for bringing us here and for holding us close all along.