Sunday, October 28, 2012


Back again, starting back at our 9th anniversary, which is actually not as ridiculous as it sounds because we decided this past week what we want to do to celebrate for our big 10 next year!  I'll cover this year's first, then our upcoming plans.

Michael took a lot of time planning and making things special this year.  Each anniversary we try to do things that relate to the number of years we have been married.  There aren't a whole lot of things related to the number nine, so he tried to plan out nine things to do.  We counted it up later and I'm pretty sure we did them all, but we both lost track :).

We saw a movie in the theater, just the two of us, which is quite the rarity these days.  The girls were on their relief week and the boys stayed with my parents for a couple of days.  We stayed at the same hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon night, which was neat-o, we had dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse (YUM!), we laid around and read books (another rarity), and several other things that I seriously can't remember because it was two months ago and I'm retarded for waiting so long to write about it :).  Truth be told, I wouldn't have cared if we had done laundry and dishes together (slight untruth...I totally would have minded if that's what he had planned), I was so excited to have a good stretch of time to ourselves.  We have a date night once a month when the girls go on relief, but this time was longer and we got away, which was a nice change.

Random, difficult-to-discern-what's-actually-going-on-pictures?  Yes, please.