Sunday, October 28, 2012


I'm not going to be self-deprecating and tell you that I'm a horrible mommy for just now getting around to posting Jasper's first day of school video.  Instead I'm going to tell you that the beginning of the school year was full of crazy.  Because we came in September last year, and Bennett and Jasper were home with me before, this was the first time to get all eight kids off to four different schools in August and September.  Whew!

Things have really settled down and our house is doing SO well right now.  I am soaking in this wonderful, peaceful season before things change again, as they tend to do in life :).

Jasper started school September 11th, and his teachers in his three's class are AMAZING.  I anticipated tears and a splotchy red face, along with much wailing and gnashing of teeth, not just for the first week or so, but for the entire year.  Jasper is my mama's boy, and I love that about him.  He tells me how much he loves me, he tells me my boots are cute, he tells me I'm pretty, he tells me I'm his pal - all of this just about every day.  He is a special gift, no doubt about it.  But the flip side of this is that he rarely appreciates being separated from his mommy.  The reason his teachers are miracle workers is that after his first day of school, not only were there no tears, but he actually pouted and was frustrated at me for coming to pick him up!  I couldn't believe it!  They are such sweet ladies - so understanding and patient.  Before his first day of school, the lead teacher called our house to talk to Jasper and introduce herself.  They had a sweet little conversation before they met.  Precious.

In the video I've uploaded, you'll get a sneak peek of my second-born's passive-aggressive style :).  When he pouts, we all have to try so hard not to laugh.