Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fox in Socks

For all you teachers and mommies out there:

Kohl's does their $5 books and $5 matching stuffed animals a lot, and right now they've got four fantastic Dr. Seuss books out:

1. Fox in Socks...with matching socks.

2. Horton Hatches the Egg...with matching Horton.

3. Yertle the Turtle...the matching turtle is SUPER cute.

4. Hop on Pop...with matching bear.

I bought The Sneeches last time, and this time I bought Horton Hatches the Egg with the elephant. These books are awesome - in hard copy form, for just $5, and the stuffed animals are great quality, too. Thought I'd pass the info along to all of you Dr. Seuss lovers out there that would enjoy sharing the books with your kiddos.


Kristi Petrak said...

Wow, great idea. I definitely want a good Dr. Seuss collection when I have kids. You get a double use out of them, though, being a teacher! Did you know that Dr. Seuss and I shared the same birthday? ^_^

Jennifer said...

No, I didn't! And to think I could've been celebrating my dear friend Kristi's birthday right along with Dr. Seuss with my classroom kiddos! :)