Sunday, January 6, 2008


Okay, so I thought I'd pass this on to other mommies out there. Bennett is presently cutting 3 molars which has led to a ridiculous amount of snot and congestion (poor baby!), which has in turn led to a deep chest cough. Yuck. He hasn't been able to breathe and so he's not eating or sleeping well. So today I called the doctor because there was that removal of infant Triaminic and other cough syrups from the market by the FDA due to deaths in a few babies. My question was: what in the world can I do for my son to help him, or do we both just tough it out until it gets so bad that we have to resort to a trip to the doctor and antibiotics? (which seems absolutely ABSURD to me). And the nurse told me some very interesting info. (Definitely check it out for yourselves before you act on it, but I thought I'd pass it on in case some of you have gone through the same thing). Apparently, the FDA said it was no longer safe because some stupid-head parents overdosed their kiddos by giving their babies the full dosage of children's Triaminic and it killed them. Because of this (probably out of fear for lawsuits, etc.), they told everyone it's no longer safe. The nurse said that actually giving a baby who weighs 18-23 lbs. HALF of the LOWEST dosage of children's Triaminic is perfectly safe (and that's what my doctor had always prescribed). It's the stupid-heads that overdose their children that we've all had to worry about. So there you go. Hope this helps somebody else, cause if I'd known this before, my little Benito probably wouldn't be quite so miserable right now!


Amanda said...

SOOO love spending time with you guys too!!!!!