Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cleaning S.O.S.

Okay, people. I need some help. I'm trying to get super organized in my cleaning. So this blog will require actual feedback - NO lurking! I'd really like to know what products other people use to clean their homes. I'll list a couple of my favorites first, but then I need your recommendations. I'm tired of having that big ole' bucket full of useless cleaning supplies, and the sprays and bottles and sponges that make worse messes than they clean up. I'll tell you my favorites, then make a short list of specific jobs I need to do, hopefully with a new and improved, and utterly fabulous cleaning product suggested by your own brilliance of mind. Here goes:

Products I swear by:
1. Clorox disinfecting wipes - I use these in the kitchen, the bathroom, and DEFINITELY on Bennett's high chair. They're fabulous - like an upgraded, extra oomph wet paper towel that actually gets rid of germs and messes instead of spreading them around.

2. Clorox toilet bowl wand - I loathe cleaning the toilet and it makes me shiver/gag to stick my hand in toilet bowl water, so this is the perfect solution. The little wand hangs on the side of the toilet, and you click on one of the disposable sponge cleaning thingys when you're ready to use it. The great thing is, it turns the water blue, so you and everybody else think it's super clean just from the color alone, and the BEST thing is, you don't have to touch the toilet with your hands at ALL!! The wand reaches around and scrubs everything. You do have to buy refills of the sponges, but they're not expensive and I think it's TOTALLY worth the lack of shivers/gags.

Okay, now here are the things I'd really appreciate feedback on:

--a good cleaner/routine for cleaning faux wood floors
--a good cleaner/routine/mop for mopping floors
--a good cleaner for the shower and tub
--a good cleaner/routine for dusting

**Disclaimer: Yes, I DO already clean all of these things and have products for each of these areas of the house, but I don't really like them, or they don't seem to work very well, or they take forever. So if you can suggest something that isn't horribly expensive, that doesn't take too horribly long to do, and doesn't require a horribly large amount of elbow grease, we're in business, and I'd be forever in your debt! (slight exaggeration)

Thanks ahead of time for the cleaning help and wisdom!


Unsinkable Kristen said...

First of all, friend why in the world are you sticking your hand in the toilet water??? You know that a regular toilet bowl wand works exactly the same as a disposable one, right?

As for the rest:

Fuax wood floors - no idea. I had those at our old house and just used a swiffer mop and it worked okay. But nothing makes you have to sweep them less.

Mopping Floors - again, I use a swiffer mop. I'm thinking about going back to a regular mop, but getting the kids to stay away from a wet floor is rather difficult.

Shower & Tub - I LOVE Scrubbing Bubbles. I spray it on a dry shower/tub and then wipe it up with a dry rag. Works like a charm. And on lime deposits, CLR works great.

Dusting - I use a feather duster (which also makes it fun) for the daily stuff, and then for the big jobs I use an old baby rag and pledge.

Oh, and I like the clorox wipes, too!

Lori said...

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, cleaning is one of my forte's. I know, I'm a freak....

I actually had a merry maid for a few months and it drove me crazy because I couldn't do the cleaning myself. (it was a present from someone).

Wood Floors: I LOVE my swiffer swiffers while simultaneously sucking up the dust bunnies and, I can literally swiffer everyday just to watch the dirt get sucked and wiped away!! After I swiffer, but not every week, I use ZAP wood floor cleaner. You spray it on and then mop it up with a dry or slightly damp mop.

Shower and Tub: If you love scrubbing bubbles, you should try their new product for showers. It's a sponge thing with disposable pads that velcro on. Very fun and effective.

Dusting: I have a genuine feather duster (from container store)that's amazing. The dust really sticks to it and then I just take the crevice tool of my vacuum and suck the dust off!

I also love the clorox wipes!!

Thanks for your info on the car seat!

Lori said...

oops..the floor cleaner is called ZEP not ZAP

Haley said...

Clorox is a must at all time, wood floors, use the target brand wood cleaner, cheap and it smells wonderful! They have a great wet mop for wood floors too! As far as any other cleaning products go besides windex, the ONLY things I use, are the 3 easy off bams! They are miracles in ottles! If you have never tried them prepare to be blown away! If you have or have ever had glass showers you know what a pain it is to keep the glass scum and water stain free, with this stuff I spray it on let it sit and literally turn the water on and rinse! It looks like I scrubbed all day! All three are great and have a specific purpose, like grease, water build up and such. So theres my two cents!

Jennifer said...

Kristen -- I have a legitimate excuse for sticking my hand in! My mom always cleaned the toilets with a sponge while I was growing up, so when I did that particular chore, that's what I used. Gross. I didn't realize until a year or so into being married that there were other fabulous, gagless options :)

Jennifer said...

And thanks to all of you because these are fantastic suggestions! Can't wait to try them out!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I totally understand. You read the whole pickle thing. I place the blame solely on my mom's shoulders :)

Tiffany Rose said...

Hey there! I just happened to look at your blog today and have a suggestion for dusting. My cousin Kimberly gave this suggestion on her blog once. Use that one left over sock from the laundry (there is always that ONE), put it on your hand and do a quick dust with that sock. Then just throw it back in the wash... why not, it doesn't have a match anyway! :) I do this all the time now, and it's a great idea. that way I don't have an excuse to not dust. when i see that left over sock I know what I need to do! :)