Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Okay, I'm not usually in the practice of requesting prayers for health - my family is typically pretty healthy, and prayers for health have always seemed a bit repetitive and pointless to me (aside from serious diseases or illnesses). I mean, we'll all get better within a week or so anyway, right? But in this particular case, I'm asking all of you who read this blog to say a quick prayer for me and Bennett, but especially for Bennett. He's presently getting over his fourth ear infection, three of which have occurred in the past two months. The doc is beginning to whisper ideas of tubes (and he has a reputation of not doing the procedure lightly or on a whim), which freaks me out a little, even though I've heard they're really not a big deal. And also, they cost money :( . So please pray that the weather will warm quickly and that Bennett won't catch anymore colds (because his colds turn into ear infections every time). And for me, I'm feeling discouraged because I've been majorly sick/weak/yucky since last Thursday, and it's getting old. Me and the munchkin have been holed up in the house for almost a week...NOT fun. So that's my plea/prayer request. Thanks for offering up on behalf of me and my family!


Haley said...

havr you taken a preggo test? maybe that's why you feel yucky? just a thought

Courtney said...

I'll be praying you get well soon! Here's some great info if you're interested from a lady who has helped thousands of people avoid both infections and tubes. I have the video where she teaches you to massage to help the ears drain if you wanted to borrow it. I use it on myself and my kids when we're congested and we have had no ear infections here since John's first and only at nine months. The old "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Anyway, just a thought if you're interested. I have a friend who had tried everything and this finally gave her poor son some relief from the infections and constant rounds of antibiotics. Whether or not you agree with everything she says, her ear stuff works!


Jennifer said...

Um...good thought Haley, but I'm pretty sure that's a no go :) Not ready for that little adventure to begin again!
Courtney - I'll watch the link - thanks for the info! I'm willing to try whatever at this point. I feel so bad for my little munchkin! Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

SO glad you are both on the mend! We've totally missed you guys this week! By the way...where's your "Favorites Friday" post. That's my reading for Fridays you know!