Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Favorites

As promised previously, it's the Friday Favorites Shopping edition. I'm not a shop-a-holic or anything like that, but I love a good deal (though I don't flex my bargain muscle as much as I should) and I really like clothes and jewelry, as well as decorating. So here are a few of my favorite places to shop, in no particular order:

1. WORLD MARKET -- this store has been around for a while, but I've only recently discovered its wonderfulness. It has the COOLEST stuff and the prices aren't bad at all, especially when what you're looking for just happens to be on sale :) They're kind of like a warehouse full of Pier 1 type stuff (LOVE me some Pier 1), except a bit more world-wide and cultural, and a bit cheaper. I could look at baskets, area rugs, and little decorative hooks and knobs, art and picture frames all day, so I'm pretty sure there will be some equivalent of this store in heaven (except everything will be clearanced so low you'll feel like the world's best shopper every time you go :)).

2. NEW YORK & COMPANY -- this store is by far my favorite clothing store, for several reasons. a) their clothes ALWAYS fit me, including their pants, which is always a problem for a hipless, chicken-leg wonder who also has a bit of a gut *sigh* b) their prices are stinkin' awesome, and I especially love their sales racks where you can buy a cute shirt for around $7, as well as their deals where you buy one item and get the second 50% off. And the greatest thing is when you sign up for their member card (which is free), they send you great coupons by e-mail (that really are great) and after spending a certain amount, you get a ton of money off your next purchase. This store also has cute accessories, cute colors, and almost any type of clothing you'd want, from coats and scarves all the way down to tank tops and lingerie. Sweet.

3. FRANCESCA'S -- it's a little jewelry/accessory store in the South Lake Town Square. I LOVE jewelry and the back racks have a deal for two pairs of earrings for $20, and their earrings are awesome and worth the price in my opinion. They also have great little gifts for people, like journals with hilarious quotes and sayings, and last Christmas I gave Michael a set of "ghetto-fabulous" cards which had old-fashioned Dick and Jane-type illustrations that demonstrated and defined different ghetto sayings like "mad cheddar" (lots of money) or "po-po" (police). They'd also have hilarious sentences to put the sayings into context (just in case you were still confused). Our favorite was the one for mad cheddar. There was a picture of an old lady with a bandage on her nose and the sentence with it said, "Grandma dished out some mad cheddar for that nose job." We laughed so hard we cried at these things. Anyway, they've got cool jewelry and other neato stuff, too. Totally worth checking out.

And that's all for today, my friends.

P.S. If anyone could tell me where Sam Moon is, or the Funky Monkey, I've heard I need to check out both of these places, and have yet to do it because I'm not certain on their locations.


Mere Ware said...

I love World Market...our bed, kitchen table and several other things are from there.

I believe I have seen the funky monkey and it is located on 377 just before you get to 1709. There is a new shopping center there.

Lori said...

Love the shopping list! Sam Moon is coming soon! It will be off of 35 north and Heritage Trace. There is one in Dallas right now, but it's way too far. Funky Monkey is awesome too!

Kristen said...

great selections my dear. I have to say though about NY&C that while I agree with you on most everything I don't agree (for me) that everything fits. I've tried and tried, but it never has and I don't think ever will whether I'm an 8 or a 2 so I've resorted to stop trying. Haven't been in World Market in awhile, but it's a great place and they are opening up here around Nashville!

Jason & Summer said...

I got the bamboo blinds for the baby's room at World Market. That was my first time to ever go and I loved it, plus the blinds there were the cheapest I could find anywhere!! People keep giving me a hard time for having never been to Sam Moon - maybe we should go together. :-)

Jennifer said...

Summer -- we should totally go sometime. I've heard it's awesome, but I dread the trip to Dallas! Having company would be good motivation :)

Kristen -- how about we switch places? I'll be the size two who can't shop at NY & Co. and you can be the size eight who can! :)