Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What it is, shizza?

On Monday the 20th, Michael and I go to our sonogram to find out if we're having a boy or a girl!! (we'll keep you posted)

I'm SO ready to know for sure so we can start on the baby room and make plans :)

For pretty much the whole pregnancy, Michael and I have both been just positive it's a I'm just not sure either way. I have a hunch, but haven't been quite as sure about it over the past week, so I can't wait to see!

What's your guess?


LBC said...

Oh I'm so excited that you get to find out soon!!

Vicky said...

I'm thinking a girl!!

But, of course, I am thrilled with either.


Amanda said...

I'll go with Dr. A and say boy. Just because I like to be difficult!! :o) Either way, it will be awesome!

Kristen said...

We need some more boys for our girls!!

Summer and Jason said...

BOY :-)