Thursday, September 17, 2009


Everybody says it, and so will I: I canNOT believe Jasper is 6 months old already. I lucked out because he's a little bitty thing, so it still feels like he's 4 months or so when I hold him. Because of this, I'm absolutely in denial. Here's the update on my little buddy.

Growth -- he's jumped the track from being in the 10th percentile in weight to now being in the 15th percentile - WOOT! Go, go, Jasper GO! I think moving onto the solid foods have really helped with this a lot. Height is still 50th percentile, and his head is in the 90th percentile. No wonder he's not sitting by himself yet! HA!

Food -- He eats rice cereal and oatmeal regularly, and has sampled avocados and bananas. I think we'll be moving right along to squash this coming week. He gobbles up his food and is pretty easy-going about the whole process, which is really nice.

Health -- his neck condition continues to improve. We're still taking him to our chiropractor once a month for therapy, and I do his exercises with him everyday. He's having a little trouble raising his right hand up to grab things, and isn't sitting up independently yet. Everything is just going to be a bit delayed because of this. Research I've done on my own says that this should be cleared up and really healed up by 12-18 months, which is a little overwhelming, but also makes me feel better because we're progressing at such a good rate and we're only half-way there. That means there's so much more improvement to come! Thank you all who have been praying for him. I REALLY appreciate it.

Personality -- I pegged it right from day one in the hospital. He's my easy-going little "sweets." He goes with the flow and laughs and smiles easily, especially at me, which melts my heart. His cries and complaints are softer and far fewer than Bennett's ever were. I'm thankful I had Bennett first rather than vice versa, because otherwise I'd be totally at a loss :) Jasper LOVES his big brother and would watch him all day long (until said brother starts making faces and noises right up in his face and patting his head a bit too hard, in which case he blinks rapidly and looks anywhere but at Bennett). He also loves hands and feet, and is ticklish on his tummy. He's not too interested in books so far - more in people. He's totally content if you're talking to him, or if he can watch you talk.

Favorites -- he loves to blow spit bubbles, loves making a smacking sound with his lips and teeth, loves to be held (which I LOVE), loves the sound of Daddy's voice, loves to wrinkle up part of his sheets and hold onto it while he sleeps (I've offered him a lovey, but he prefers the sheet :)), loves looking in the mirror and at ceiling fans, and loves to talk to the pictures and friends in his crib when he wakes up. His favorite position is standing with his legs locked, and his aquarium bouncer has been a lifesaver because he adores it.