Wednesday, September 2, 2009


hahaha - you know you're a dork when you're laughing out loud at your own blog title....I couldn't resist (who sings that song, anyway?)

Warning: If mommy trigger-words such as "poop" and "potty" and "tee-tee" offend or annoy you, or you think people who post about potty-training are really dumb, this isn't the post for you.

Bennett is now officially, all the way potty-trained. Here's what I think helped:

1. I would not battle with him over it. When he showed signs/interest, we started talking about it and worked on it.

2. What finally clenched (choice of words on purpose - har!) it all was two things, and I really think these were the main keys once he was ready to potty-train: a) in the first stages, he ran around naked. That way, the "stuff" had nowhere to go, which he knew. (yes, I cleaned up a few accidents, but it wasn't a big deal). b) once he was telling me he needed to go, or was going to his potty by himself, we got rid of the training pants COMPLETELY (even at night), and just wore underwear. Those training pants are a crock, man (or so I feel). They're diapers with a different closing mechanism. Bennett had no qualms with going in them because they weren't any different than baby diapers. So we got rid of them.

3. He had MAJOR poop issues. Bennett isn't really a fit thrower, but he threw some doozies over this. He did NOT want to let go of it. So I kept him naked, knowing he wouldn't do his business on the floor. There was a 48 hour stretch of resistance at one point (which is a record for him), but eventually I put him on the potty, told him to stay on it, and left the room. After about 5 minutes, he said, "I DID IT!!" It took about three times of this happening before he became confident and good with it, rather than scared. Now he's the Golden Poop Boy.
P.S. I also bribed him. Yep. Sure did. And I defy anyone who judges me. Bennett is now the proud owner of the Cars movie, and looks forward to M&Ms when he does the business. We'll start weaning off the M&Ms in another few days. But for now, it's a nice little treat.

If all of this is way too much info, too bad so sad. I warned you. I put it out here because it's something I would've liked to read before potty-training Benito. I know every kid is different, so the stuff we did won't work with everybody (like the kids who don't think twice about wetting their underwear or pooping on the kitchen floor), but maybe it will for some.

This is how we poo it.


Lori said...

yay bennett!!! that'a awesome. by the way, we are totally looking forward to our monday movie night in a couple of weeks!