Tuesday, February 15, 2011


HILARIOUS conversation in the car with Bennett this morning on the way to school, I just HAD to share.

Bennett: Mom, can we listen to The Backstreet Boys?

Mom: No, you guys have been pretty difficult this morning, so Mommy is going to listen to what she wants to listen and relax to this morning (I pop in my CD).

Bennett (thinks for a second then says): Mom, you're never difficult with me and Jasper.

Mom (a little surprised by that statement and glad he thinks so): Thanks, Bennett. I try not to be.

Bennett: But sometimes you're difficult with Daddy, and Daddy is sometimes difficult with you.

Mom (laughing inside): Yes, that's true. Sometimes we are "difficult" with each other. But even when we're difficult with each other, we always love each other, like you and Jasper.

Bennett (thinks for a minute again, then almost under his breath says): Yeah, me and Jasper are difficult with each other a lot.

Pretty sure the word "difficult" was being substituted for "fighting" in that particular conversation. Out of the mouths of babes. HA! Love that boy!