Monday, February 7, 2011


I've never understood people who go through horrific times in life and instead of turning toward God, they choose to turn away. I can't pretend I've ever been through such a devastating, heart-wrenching time myself, so I suppose some would say I have absolutely no room to speak, but grieving and mourning is such a spiritual thing.

A friend of mine has received some of the most terrible news of her life , and as I stood there at her side while she cried, having no words to say, no way to bring her the relief she sought, I thought how thankful I am that we both have the Lord. Because God is God, and that will always be enough.

My heart is so heavy - heavy beyond words - but my grief on her behalf does not begin to touch what she feels. This knowledge has made me thankful for prayer. I stayed up late into the night on prayer vigil last night - and I very well may do so again tonight - and know that my God hears my voice, and He sees her tears, and He feels our pain.

How different from the way the world thinks, to feel thankful in such a time. But when I serve a God who offers so much comfort, and I have the confidence of knowing He will hold and comfort my friend when I am unable to do so, how can I not be thankful? How can I not be glad to know that through the horribleness life throws at us, until He comes again, Christ will hold us close and absorb our pain and live every moment with us?

Lord, come quickly. Above all else, You are what we need.


Jason and Summer said...

Amen. I am sorry for your friend's suffering...pain always makes me long for the Lord's return even more.

Betsy@Living in the Moment said...

I feel what you're saying friend. God's comfort is above all.

Ellen said...

Well said, my dear.