Friday, April 15, 2011


Some recent pictures (all taken on my phone - sorry for the fuzzy quality) of a few things we've been up to here and there. Playing at the park, flying kites, lighting candles during chapel, and Bennett's first Field Day.

Elbow in the face. Rough.
Let's! Go! Fly a Kite! (I sang the song from Mary Poppins in a loop at the top of my lungs the ENTIRE time we were out there, which Jasper loved, but my other two fellas weren't so keen about - HA!)
Bennett lighting candles for chapel. No we haven't converted, for anyone who would feel the need to worry :). This is the little school he attends.
Field Day. Bennett's class with the assistant teacher, Mrs. Krueger.
The little girl standing next to Bennett in the picture below told her mommy that he's her boyfriend and they're going to get married (wow, it starts young!). According to Mrs. Penkert (their teacher), they were fast friends from the get-go because they both talk a mile a minute - hee :). She's an adorable little thing, and her mom and I have become friends over the course of the year.

In other news, I have a new niece, Miss Lydia Katherine, who was born last Friday morning. She's beautiful, and B and J now have three cousins. Congratulations to the Wagner Family!