Saturday, April 9, 2011


In case you've noticed (or in case you haven't), I've quit facebook. Again. There are multiple reasons why, the main one being that I only returned in the first place to help promote my book and show any agents considering taking me on as a client that I do in fact have friends and networking capabilities. But facebook is so annoying and black-hole-ish to me, that it isn't even worth this anymore. So I figure I'll leave the book publishing in God's hands and let Him deal with agent expectations, should any arise :).

Long story short, if you go looking for me, you won't find me there anymore. You'll have to come here, or to my email (which I'd be happy to send you if you don't already have it - just ask), or call me on the phone (of course, my actually answering the phone to talk to you is yet another anathema - I loathe phone conversations, so texting is a much safer bet).

Main point of this post: Bye, bye, facebook! You won't be missed!

Coming up next: Random pictures and Real Choices.


Vicky said...

I thought I'd warn you about account deactivation on FB. When Dan decided he was not interested in keeping a FB account, I deactivated his account at least three times and FB kept showing it his account active again after a month or so.

I finally figured out a way to solve it permanently. If you have the same problem, let me know, but it will be a permanent solution- you can't go back.