Saturday, April 30, 2011


1) The Lazy Susan - I'm an organizing fiend these days, and one of my favorite tricks is to use lazy susans in cabinets (especially for cleaning supplies, canned goods and spices). So when I saw them on sale at Walmart for ONE DOLLAR apiece, I about wet my pants. I bought five immediately. Couldn't help myself. They're a little flimsier than the ones you'll find at BBB, but considering the ones there cost $8 a pop, you certainly won't hear me complaining. Cheers to getting and staying organized for mucho el cheapo!

2) Craigslist. We have sold several big things and gotten good money for them, and we've bought several things for excellent prices. Case in point: tomorrow we are picking up the boys' new shared room furniture (Jasper probably won't move into the room with Bennett until Christmas time-ish, and I wasn't planning on buying the furniture until then, but I saw this deal on Craigslist and COULD NOT pass it up!!!). We paid $550 for a NICE set of bunk beds, the large matching book case, matching 6 drawer dresser, and two twin-size mattresses. HOLY. MOLY. I was planning on spending almost double that on a new bedroom set. Once I get everything set up and the room painted, I'll post pictures. I heart Craigslist!

3) Garage Sales. Because you get to see and meet so many interesting people, because you get paid to get rid of a bunch of junk you just didn't need that was cluttering up your house, and because you can make $300 in 2 days like we did, and then promptly use that money to pay for a huge part of the aforementioned boys' furniture (the rest of it is being paid for with money we've made by selling other things on Craigslist - another reason I love it - so we're not spending ANY out of pocket money on their new room!!). Beautiful. God bless America.

4) Chicken Nuggets - the frozen, bagged kind you buy at the grocery store. In the four years I've had children, I have NEVER tried one, and had forgotten what they taste like...until today. I was a chicken nugget snob before today, but there was an extra one at lunch and I decided to bite the bullet and try it to see why my boys love them so much. Now I know. It's because they're stinking deee-licious!
Chock full of chemicals and other nasty-for-your-body things, I have no doubt, but that's what makes them taste so good! I'm going to start sneaking them more often. :) Who knew I was missing out on something so delicious? And to make the meal absolutely perfect and complete, I could cook up a box of processed, powdered mac & cheese. Yum.

5) - it's a really cool, user friendly budgeting program you can use on your computer and smart phone. It plugs things in for you automatically and shows you how much money you have left in each budgeting category, and since it's on my phone too, I can do it while I'm out and about, which really helps me keep track of what I'm spending (a good thing, since that's not one of my strong suits). We've been using the program for two months now and we really like it.


Kristen said...

when I ask Joelle what she wants for lunch she says chicken nuggets every. single. time.