Saturday, June 2, 2012


Okay, here it is.  The post that is almost three months overdue.  Special.

Jasper's birthday is on March 14th, and J's is March 15th.  We split them up and celebrated a week apart because J was visiting her family during Spring Break, and because I wanted them both to feel special.

For Jasper's birthday we just had family over and two little friends that live here on campus.  He wanted a construction theme because that child loves ANYTHING with wheels.  Here are some pictures from the day:

Construction Cake

Jasper's vocabulary has exploded since he turned three.  He says the funniest things and keeps the whole house laughing; he is our comedian, our little clown.  When he's "fustwated" (frustrated) he hunches his shoulders and tromps around heavily, his mouth stuck out in a pout.  When he's mad, he uses what he thinks is an angry voice where his voice gets loud in short bursts and he kind of barks in his high-pitched tone.  Since he's three, this happens once a day or so, and we all have to work really hard not to laugh :).

I think Jasper is probably color blind.  He can count to twenty, knows his ABC's - letters and sounds - can count backward from 10, knows shapes, animal sounds, etc. etc., but he gets his colors mixed up on a regular basis, even though I have worked with him on this skill more than any other.  Michael is color blind too, so at least he will have someone who can help him out.

He is left-handed, but I'm convinced this is because of his early on muscular problems, not because he was born that way, because he often switches back and forth with his hands.  But I'm pretty sure favoring the left hand will stick, so that will be something to work through in school.

Next year Jasper will go to a two-day preschool, which will be so good for him.  I think socializing and learning from someone besides his mama will be kind of fabulous.


J loves animals and nature.  She plans to be a zoologist someday, so her party theme was a mix of nature and wolves (she loves wolves especially).  Jenn is also very artistic, so she got new paints and gardening materials for her birthday.
J's wolf cake
Blowing out the candles

J is such a sweet, generous girl.  I have told her again and again that she is going to be an amazing mom someday.  No matter what is going on in the house or what unexpected things happen, she is a rock.  I just love having her in our house, and we loved celebrating her special day.