Saturday, June 2, 2012


1.  Michael and I were entertaining the idea of getting a dog when one literally showed up at our doorstep.  I knew I wanted a small dog that wasn't yappy and didn't shed.  What I really wanted was a Yorkie.  Low and behold a little male Yorkie shows up on campus and wanders around for about a week, visiting each cottage.  The teen boys' house mom knew we were considering getting a dog, so she called me and had me come look at him.  I kept him for a day to see what he was like and found that his little personality was sweet and docile.  The only time he barks is when we are leaving him alone at the house.  And best of all, he puts up with everything Bennett dishes out - nothing short of a miracle, since that includes carrying him around, putting him on the top bunk during rest time, trapping him in obstacle courses, wrestling, etc.  
Yep.  Jetson has been a gold mine.

Walking the dog :)
Best buddies nap together.
Jetson the Dog
**To put your mind at ease, we had him checked by two different vets to make sure he wasn't chipped, and we looked in all of the surrounding neighborhoods for flyers for a missing dog.  Nothing turned up over the course of a month, so we officially declared him ours :).

2.  A few weeks ago we surrendered to the inevitable and bought a mini-van.  I am SO glad we did!  I totally understand why people drive these things!  I used to be worried about driving something so big and bulky, but that was before I had to drive the behemoth that is Big Bertha (what we call our 15 passenger van).  Comparatively, driving a mini-van is a cake-walk, and I had no idea that remote opening doors, having all of your controls on the steering wheel, a DVD player for long trips, super comfy seats, and all of the extra storage could be so fabulous.  I believe there will be mini-vans in heaven for those whose wings get tired, or maybe while your wings are in the shop :).