Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gobble Gobble

More thankfulness:

16. loyal friends

17. Holy Spirit to guide, give peace and wisdom, protect, and seal my salvation

18. beautiful music

19. disposable diapers

20. white hot chocolate at Star Bucks

21. falling leaves (as long as I don't have to rake them)

22. having the freedom to own, read, and share a Bible

23. my job

24. having a reliable car

25. taste buds

26. my Nandy's cooking on Thanksgiving

27. good sales in the stores since Christmas came 2 months early this year

28. the innocence of children

29. the ability to stay home with Bennett this year

30. cold weather

31. heavy coats, hats and mittens

(and remember not to hop/lumber onto the scale for a few days, as this may only lead to tears)