Saturday, November 3, 2007

Trick or Treat

Bennett's first Halloween was short and sweet. He handled his rooster costume better than I thought he might (he doesn't appreciate having things on his head), although he drew the line at my attempt to paint his nose orange (ended up smeared all over his face and hands). We took him to Fall Fest at RHCC and mostly pushed him around in the stroller, greeting other friends we knew. Bennett seemed to be in shock (maybe from all the people combined with the constrictive costume) most of the evening, just staring and sucking his fingers. The highlight of the evening was the petting zoo, where he greeted his fellow roosters and hung out with his friend, Cason.

Rooster on the stairs.

Getting ready to go.

Watching the big kids in the bounce house.

Rooster meets roosters.

Bennett kept yanking on Cason's mane.

Side note: Today is Nov.3rd. I went to Garden Ridge, and what did I see? CHRISTMAS STUFF EVERYWHERE! Not only that, but the music playing throughout the store was a Christmas-country song called "I sure do love those Christmas cookies, sugar." This is stinkin' annoying. What happened to Thanksgiving?? What happened to continuing to use/decorate in fall motif and colors until AFTER Thanksgiving?? I'm feeling quite Scrooge-ish about the whole Christmas season right now...why, you ask? Because it's NOT the Christmas season yet!!! Am I right, or am I right?? Christmas is my favorite time of year, but this is getting ridiculous. I want time to ponder my thankfulness and the things I am thankful for (which will most likely be my next post). I want to see leaves and turkeys and cornucopias! I want to procrastinate my Christmas shopping as long as possible and scramble with only 2-3 weeks left to go (because it's more fun that way!), rather than be reminded at every turn the day after Halloween that it's time to drink eggnog and put up the red and green lights. Yuck. End side note.