Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm 20 weeks along. Hard to believe. This pregnancy is really flying by, which is bittersweet.
I went to the doctor today and this little guy is measuring two weeks ahead, which is just as big if not bigger, than Bennett was...ouch. Although I will say that a huge plus to this was the fact that Bennett was a good sleeper and eater from the very beginning, and I think his size had a lot to do with it. Thanks to my husband's genes (who was over 10 lbs.), my 5'4" frame is destined to carry big fat baby boys whether it wants to or not :) But seriously, I praise God for this healthy growing boy that will soon join our family. Here's the promised picture at 20 weeks (still planning on posting one every 5 weeks) and my updated check list with things I still have left to do from a previous post. I'm actually pretty proud of how much I've already gotten done :) Finishing up Bennett's scrapbook is what I'm really working on these days, and I hope to have the baby's room FINISHED by Christmas, before I start getting really big and uncomfortable...

To Do:

1. Finish Bennett's scrapbook and get Michael to fill out his parts in the baby book.

2. Paint Party - Bennett's dresser and shelves, picture frames and a curtain rod for baby's room.

3. Contact paper our kitchen cabinets (even as I type this, I I really going to do this?

4. Order baby's new crib (Bennett's first crib was recalled and we were sent a voucher. Now I'm waiting for the crib I really want to get back in stock so I can order it and put it together. Grrr.)

5. Alter and sew seasonal baby clothes that need to be summery instead of wintery.

Not too daunting of a list, if I do say so myself, although each project in and of itself is fairly large...and so now I retire my writing for the day to go tackle #1 again while Benito naps.