Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heavy heart remedy

I've had a heavy heart for about a month now as election day has approached. I felt the same way when it looked like Kerry had a good chance against Bush in the last election.

I'm not an all out Republican for the sake of being so, but I just can't condone or support the things that Obama stands for and fights for. His policies on abortion are abominable, and nothing short of infanticide. I know that one issue does not a President make. But I can't get past the fear of what our laws and policies might become under such a man, not led by the Spirit, but by something else entirely...

That being said, I was SOOO thankful for something our preacher said this Sunday. He made some points I'd managed to forget in the thrall and mix of it all. He talked about how:

1) It is our duty as Christians to PRAY for our leaders, whether we like them or agree with them or not. This is biblical, and it's critical. So instead of panicking about Obama ruling the nation as my children grow and become more aware of our culture and society, I will pray that if he becomes our President, the Lord will soften his heart and show him the truth about God's will and love. And if McCain is elected, I will pray that the Lord will bless him with wisdom and a desire to lead our nation for the good of God and the good of the people.

2) When it's all said and done, it frankly doesn't matter who our President is. The truth is, GOD, the King of Kings is ultimately in control. Nothing happens without God knowing, caring, allowing, and taking care of His people. I know many people would argue on this point, talking about the financial straits of our economy, lack of prayer or God within institutions, godless laws that have no business being passed, etc. But you either believe God is in control, or you don't. I believe He is. That doesn't mean bad things can't and won't happen. It means than when they do, God is still God and He is still with us, and He will see us through whatever may come.

3) When our President is chosen in the next few hours, we as Christians need to remember that we are still the church and that OUR job has NOT changed. We have no reason and no business sticking our heads in the sand or dwelling on a dire situation if we feel faced with one. What we should be doing is hitting our knees and praying to our Almighty, putting on the full armor of God and doing battle against the principalities and rulers not of this world, lifting up our brothers and sisters, lifting up the church, and lifting up our leaders, covering them all in prayer and the protection of the Lord.

I hope these points encourage you as they have encouraged me. We are not powerless. We have the power of God, the power of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the power of His Holy Spirit living within us. We do not have to sit back, twiddle our thumbs or bury our heads in fear, trepidation, or anticipation of what's to come. We can be active participants, and should be, as saints belonging to a kingdom FAR greater than the United States of America. So go vote and do your part as a citizen here, but for goodness sake, don't forget to pray and keep on praying, and don't forget Who you truly belong to and Who is truly in control.

P.S. I am NOT posting this to debate or discuss politics with anyone. I have NO desire to do so. The point of this post is to get across a positive, encouraging message I received from another and wanted to pass along, in hopes of encouraging others. I've stated opinions in this post, and if you don't agree, that's fine. I'm not trying to influence anyone - just to share a message I believe to be from the Lord about His view of what we as Christians need to do with the outcome of the passing of power in our nation.


Courtney said...

I just finished my blog entry and then came over and saw yours! Similar thoughts today! :)

Vicky said...

You've made some really good points here.

I have felt quite uneasy at the possibility of an Obama presidency for the reasons you named and because I don't think he is up to the challenge.

We can, however, pray for him if he does turn out to be our next president.

Good post.