Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Here's a picture walk of what my little buddy has been up to for the past couple of months. I can't believe how big he's getting and how independent. I absolutely LOVE being his mommy. Part of the anxiety I feel about having this baby in a few days is not wanting my relationship with him to change. I've been reassured by many that it won't in all of the important things, and I'm so very glad for this. As I'm thinking about this new little one, I remember when I was waiting for Bennett's birth and my mom told me how much I would LOVE having a little boy - that he would be my little buddy, my pal. And he really is. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones and the life change around the corner, but just writing this makes me want to cry. This little guy is a light and a joy in my life like I never knew someone could be.

Okay, enough of the pregnant ravings about my fabulous child. On with the cute pictures :)
(and at the end of this post, I've combined the post about my diaper bags, if you're interested)

Bath time with daddy is a beautiful thing.

Doing the Shimmy-Shake...when we're in public he'll point out the people that have "Shimmy-shake hair" (think The Beatles). Silly boy.

When he's sick he wants his blanket, Lamby and Froggy, and a snuggle with mom or dad while we watch Nemo.

Out cold.

hee :)

The end result of all our hard work! (an afternoon of raking/playing in the leaves)

Bible story time with daddy before bed.

At the park with friends. Getting him to go down the slide was monumental :)

Swinging with his true love: the flag. He is OBSESSED with flags.


On with the diaper bag! Thanks to everyone for all of your feedback and advice on how to make it work with two tots! I mostly went with Kristen C.'s suggestion, with a couple of twists.

1. I did in fact purchase an Eddie Bauer diaper bag, but it's a little larger (I'd say medium size). I'll use this for both of the boys when we're out in public, or when we go on assorted "field trips" like the zoo. It's also a super cool silver color that doesn't scream diaper bag and looks kinda fun, so that was a plus.

2. I also purchased two little canvas-type bags that are pretty small, but have all these awesome pockets and a mesh holder PERFECT for a bottle in front. It's a fabulous size for church for each of the boys once Jasper's a little older and going to the nursery. Just enough room for the essentials. What I LOVED about this find was that each bag was only $6 each, they're in fun camo print, the pockets are phenomenal, and I'm going to have each one embroidered with the boys' names on them :) Sweet. The plan is to keep the bag permanently filled with a couple of diapers, toys, wipes, etc., and refill it when we get back from church each week so it'll always be ready and I won't ever have to switch bags around.

So there's my solution. I'd still love to hear from anyone else that came up with another creative idea!

And this is probably the last you'll all hear from me until I have some news on our upcoming arrival! We'd love to have your prayers with us on Saturday!


Amanda said...

Love all of the pictures of your sweet Benito! The sleeping ones are awesome! I know I've already said it, but I know you'll be great with 2. I was totally in the same place when I was getting ready to have Sydney. Your relationship with Bennett will only get better. You're going to get to see him become a big brother. It's just another thing to add to the list of all of the reasons you love him. :)

Cool diaper bag solution, BTW! :)

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I LOVE those camo bags!!

And lots of luck, we'll be praying for a super easy day on Saturday :)

Summer and Jason said...

Those are such cute pictures of Bennett! Oh my, I was SO emotional about Elijah right before I had Judah. It was ridiculous really, but I was so worried about him and didn't want anything to change, like you said. It does change a little bit of course, but in the big stuff not really. And you'll be so in love with both of your boys that you'll love spending time with them together. Can't wait to hear the news on Saturday - we'll be praying and anxiously waiting! :-) And where did you get the camo bags? They are really cute!

Vicky said...


Thank you so much for the great photo walk!!

I REALLY needed a Bennett fix. I can tell that he has really grown up since Christmas.

You'll do fine as a mother of two. Even if you only have one child, your relationship changes as they grow. So you and Bennett will continue to develop your relationship as you and Jasper begin yours.

I am soooo excited for Saturday!!!

I love you,


Jennifer said...

Seriously, thank you all SO much for your wonderful words of encouragement. I've seen over and over again what amazing, generous friends God has blessed me with during this season. Your prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated, sweet friends!

Summer - my mom found them at Hallmark, of all places! I think they're actually intended for "serious shoppers," and aren't really diaper bags at all, but the pockets just couldn't be more perfect!