Monday, March 2, 2009


Our family has been GREATLY blessed over the past couple of weeks by a couple of wonderful showers given at work and by some of my precious friends. I wanted to say THANK YOU SO much to everyone who came and those who blessed us and helped us get started with Mr. Jasper's needs. I have amazing friends and co-workers who made me feel so loved and cared for - always a great feeling.

At the work shower, they had me sit in the rocker and they brought me all these gifts to open as the people I work with stopped in a few at a time to watch and offer their best wishes. During all this we also had some cute, yummy cake and punch, which made baby very happy :) Thanks, ladies! It's fabulous working with all of you!!

And I have to say I was PUMPED at the way my diaper shower turned out. The hostesses are rockstars and made it such an awesome night. We had it at a restaurant (an Italian one I really like) instead of something more formal. Needless to say, it was pretty much like one gigantic Girl's Night Out, and I have enough diapers to cover Jasper's bottom for at LEAST the next six months, and wipes to last a full year (not even exaggerating). You ladies are AMAZING and I treasure your friendships. God has opened the floodgates and overwhelmed me with new relationships and fun people I'm getting to spend time with. I have to say it again: I feel blessed.
Here are some pictures from the night (I apologize for the few of you we missed getting one of!!)

Me with the FABULOUS hostesses: Molly, LB, Terri and Emily. THANK YOU ladies!!

Me and Mom/Mimi. Man I love this lady. She's the best there is.

Sweet LB and Molly, two of the most loyal sweet friends I know!

More sweet ladies.

Part of the Girls Night Out crew.

The AMAZING diaper cake Molly made :)

Opening more diapers and wipes, and loving every minute :)

Thanks again to all my sweet friends who were there, and to all of you who wanted to be but weren't able to make it. Friends make life so sweet and wonderful. I love you all and can't wait to come to YOUR showers! (cause goodness knows there's something in the water these days :)).