Friday, March 13, 2009


Okay, so I lied about last time being the last post before baby :) There are a MILLION things running through my head right now, knowing we're having baby #2 tomorrow, and I wanted to spout out some last minute thoughts to look back at later. Funny thing is, I TOTALLY didn't freak out like this with Bennett's birth. It's just different this time, already having a kiddo.

Questions I have:

1. Will Bennett continue to function normally and still like me after I give a bunch of attention to this baby and things are forever changed (a little dramatic, I know, but I'm feeling very dramatic and emotional right now).

2. Will I love this baby like I love Bennett? (actually didn't think I'd struggle with this one, but I am right now)

3. What will our family look like, what will our dynamics be, how will we function as a family unit with this new addition?

4. What will his little personality be like?

5. Will I bounce back and be able to function well this time like I did last time?

Things I'm SO excited about:

1. Bennett being an older brother and having a brother to play with :)

2. Watching Michael with his TWO sons. Beautiful.

3. Getting to see what this little person is like all on his own and the plans God has for him.

4. The non-stop action and excitement that comes with a house full of boys :)

5. Things settling in and feeling like I don't understand how I ever lived without our second son.

6. Experiencing all of those PRECIOUS newborn baby things - the sweet smell and feel of new skin, sweet sounds they make, the stretching and yawning, all of the "firsts," etc.

Tomorrow, my friends. They checked me in at the hospital already today. We did all the paperwork, baby monitoring, stats, bloodwork, etc. Tomorrow it's just go, get it done, and meet my sweet second son. We'll post an update and pictures when we can :) Love to you all, my sweet, sweet friends! I feel so overwhelmed by your kindness and care over the past several days. Thank you for your well wishes and prayers.

P.S. Does anyone know how you REALLY spell "sike?" Michael and I have debated and even researched on the internet and are still up in the air about it :) My guess is "sike" or "syke" or "psych." He insists it's "sic," and provided some background as to why. So we're at a toss-up :)


Kristen said...

Yippee!! Can't wait! All those apprehensions will just melt away and life will be the new normal. You are going to do great!

Anonymous said...

Here is your answer:

Courtney said...

The answer to all of your questions is a resounding yes! But I actually panicked a bit with the second one too. It will be wonderful and whether it's a little easier or a little harder, the new normal will eventually be established. Think of everything you know now that you didn't when you had Bennett! Just like anything else, don't compare and try to stay away from expectations. Then, when things go well, it's easy to be grateful and excited! That's my two bits of advice! So excited for you tomorrow! I look forward to meeting your precious little one!