Thursday, December 31, 2009


This Christmas was really special for our family. Bennett is at the age now where we can really talk about the meaning of it all. He LOVES birthdays - he doesn't care whose it is, as long as he gets to celebrate, too. So when we explained that Christmas is such a big deal because it's Jesus' birthday, he thought that was pretty cool. I learn so much about having a child-like faith from my little buddy. It's like he's known Jesus all his life and they're best buds. The way he talks about him, prays to him (and for him, which is also precious to listen to), and the way he got so excited for him because it was his birthday. He asked if Jesus was going to have cake on his birthday. hee :)

Along with this, due to several different circumstances and situations, God granted me the opportunity to see just how blessed I am to have my little boy. There are times when his daddy and I are pretty hard on him, trying to teach him how to love others, respect adults, be kind and compassionate, obey, etc. We love him to pieces and we have a LOT of fun in our house, but there have been many times over the past few months that I've felt really frustrated about our rate of success with his learning curve discipline-wise.

But this holiday season, Michael and I both often found ourselves with our mouths hanging open, or huge grins on our faces, because in stressful, difficult situations, our son knows how to behave, how to be a blessing to others, and how to love others. For the first time since entering the season of difficulty that is the twos and threes with an active, passionate little boy, WE felt blessed by HIM. We spent an entire week feeling lucky and blessed and chosen to be his parents. It was a humbling experience. There were many times we felt the same way about Jasper, but those times happen fairly regularly since he's still a cute, cuddly, quiet little baby.

It was wonderful to realize that we're doing a pretty good job raising our oldest, and watching some of the fruits of our labor. And naturally, the way God made him, our Benito is such a joyful, happy, loving little boy, and that's a blessing and example to watch, too.

I'm honestly not trying to brag or toot our horns, but I want to praise Bennett and honor him where it's due, and I want to be able to look back and remember how the sun broke through the clouds during the training years, when I get to do it all over again with Jasper and any other kiddos the good Lord may bless us with.

As soon as we get them downloaded, I'll add our Christmas pictures to the bottom of this post.