Sunday, December 27, 2009


Pictures of Christmas are coming...eventually.

But until then, it's that time again. For New Year's Resolutions. No, I'm not too cool for them. Yes, I actually try to do them. Yes, I get inspired and all worked up every time the New Year rolls around, and I make no apologies for this. So without further ado, here are my resolutions, with no particular order, and no particular amount - just what I deem important and what I'm wanting to accomplish this year.

1. Finish my book and attempt to have it published.

2. Lose 10 lbs. (I know this is cliche and overrated, but I tend to meet my weight goals, so there it is).

3. Read three biographies.

4. Run a 5K.

5. Get more of a schedule going with my boys and my home.

6. Find a bible study/devotional routine that works for me.

7. Save enough money to completely makeover what will be my boys' shared room.

8. Find an area to serve in consistently.

9. Love Michael better.

10.Write one encouraging letter each month.

And there they are in all their glory and splendor: My New Year's Resolutions.