Friday, December 11, 2009


Before I had kiddos, I loved, and only loved, the winter. There wasn't much about it I didn't like, and compared to the heat and sweat of the summer, winter has always come out on top. But kids and the different perspective on life that comes with that has changed things a bit. I still like winter, but my favorite season is fall. I was thinking yesterday about all the things I like and DON'T like about wintertime. So here it is, without further ado...

Things I Like:

*wool mittens
*wearing fleece pajamas and cushy house shoes at home
*white hot chocolate from Starbucks
*breathing clouds in the air
*hot soup or chili on cold nights
*being cuddled up warm under the covers in bed, knowing it's cold everywhere else in the house
*hot showers
*curling up with a good book by a lit fire
*cute sweaters
*super-comfy sweatshirts
*not sweating
*the Christmas season
*adorable pictures of my babies all bundled up
*the possibility of playing in the snow
*seeing all of our family
*the decorations and music
*delicious food
*fun Christmas parties

Things I'm not so fond of:

*static in my hair
*taking ten extra minutes to get everybody out the door with all their layers on
*sick babies :(
*flu season
*doctor visits
*runny noses
*chapped faces (BIG problem this year)
*iced over windshields
*traveling long distances in the car with the kids
*fruit cakes
*a perpetually cold nose and toes
*delicious food
*awkward Christmas parties