Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So if I have anything to say about it, Michael won't be going out of town again for a good long while. The last time he went somewhere was for a week, and because he's so active and involved with our boys, I'm spoiled rotten and have a hard time when he's gone. But that aside, it seems like every time he's gone, at least one of us (me or one of the boys) gets sick BIG time. This last time, we ended up going to the doctor THREE different times, once for each of us. Ridiculous.

And guessed it. Sick again. Jasper up-chucked like nothing I've seen, poor baby. Neither of my boys have EVER thrown up, so I've never known how I would respond or exactly what all an event of this magnitude would entail. I know, lucky me. Fortunately, I seem to have a rock-solid gag reflex (hope you do, too, if you're reading this).

Of course, Michael wasn't there. His timing for trips and events is perfect. The proof is in the puke, my friends.


Lori said...

Wow, I can't believe Bennett has never puked! Annalee has had the stomach bug every year of her life...9 months old, 2 years, and 3 years. Good times.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Oh no! I have SO been there, friend. When Dave was traveling with IBM every time he was gone something happened - Little David fell and had to get a staple in his head, I got the sickest I have ever been in my entire life (and proceeded to infect everyone who came and dropped off medicine or juice), etc.

Good luck and call me if you need anything!!