Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Michael and I both have a passion for children - loving them, helping them, teaching them, etc. We've known for a while now that we'd like to adopt someday, bringing children into our home that wouldn't have had all of their needs met otherwise.

Our family isn't quite ready to take the first step in the adoption process yet, but our good friends, Jason and Summer Cox, are right smack in the middle of it right now. They are on the waiting list to receive their baby girl from Ethiopia. The children in Ethiopia are poverty-stricken and the stats from the country about orphans, disease, malnutrition, etc., are heart-breaking. But Jason and Summer have been convicted to change all of that for one baby girl.
It's a wonderful thing, a beautiful sacrifice of love, but it's also a difficult road, especially financially.

Adoption is crazy-expensive, and couples who are adopting can use a LOT of help. If you know me, or the Coxes, if you love children, if you yourself have a heart for adoption, I encourage you to check out Summer's blog at It gives info on their journey, where they're at now, etc.

And if you want to HELP THEM OUT (which would be AWESOME!!!!), you can support them by buying coffee (see Summer's blog for the link), or buying a t-shirt at, where the proceeds go toward their adoption, or by donating stuff for their monstrous garage sale, or by showing up and buying stuff at their monstrous garage sale (again, see Summer's blog for details, or contact her if you know her personally).

We sure do love you, Jason, Summer, Elijah and Judah, and our prayers and support are with you and the beautiful baby girl you'll soon be holding in your arms!