Friday, October 29, 2010


Our friends had a birthday party at the pumpkin patch this year, and we were so excited to go since we hadn't made the trip yet! It was a pretty sweet set-up, with little tables set out to have cake, a fast-pass to go on the hayride, picking out our very own pumpkins, and then going crazy in the bounce houses afterward. I was a good little Mama/Blogger, and took lots of pictures. Here are some of my favorites.


Riss said...

Your boys are so cute playing together! I don't know if they always are or if you just catch those great moments on camera. Love it though!

Side note, I can't wait for the house cleaning blog post you mentioned on your above post. I need help with mine. Trying to find a good routine with two kids is HARD, even with Lukas in school.