Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Have you ever had your three-year-old poop all over the entryway floor (because he doesn't like wearing underwear and is sneaky, and puts his shorts back on without it when mommy isn't looking, and didn't make it from playing outside to the potty in time, and yes I know this is a horrendous run-on sentence), and then had your baby crawl all through it, getting it all over his hands and feet, thus giving you two poop-covered children in the bat of an eye?

Because I sure have. If I hadn't been initiated to the Mommy Club before, boy howdy this would've done it for me. Here's hoping your day has fared a bit better than mine :).


Lori said...

wowzer, no can't say I've had that lovely experience yet. however, grace managed to have a blowout in her crib and then proceded to crawl/roll in it...that was a fun one to clean up!

Emily said...

Oh, my stars, I needed that laugh!!! Makes me want a little boy!