Monday, January 24, 2011


(while the boys are eating lunch and playing a lot more than they should be, but I don't feel like running interference)

Bennett: Jasper, why are you making that silly noise? Is it because you want to be just like me and because you love me?

Jasper: Yeah.

Bennett: I thought so.

(continue eating quietly while Mama wears a great big smile)


(Jasper, headed to the back door with his jacket)

Bennett: Sorry, Jasper. Mom said we're not going outside right now.

Jasper: (hollers in protest) Jump! I want jump! (on the trampoline they got for Christmas)

Bennett: No, Jasper. Mom said it's too cold.

Jasper: Jump! Jump! (banging on the door)

Bennett: Do you just really want to go?

Jasper: Yeah.

Bennett: Mom, Jasper just really wants to go outside.

Mom: So sorry, it's too cold right now.

Bennett: Jasper, we can't go jump. It's too cold. Do you wanna come play cars with me instead?

Jasper: Yeah!

(and off they go)


It's a sweet, miraculous time when your four-year-old can interpret for your almost two-year-old and essentially raise him for you. HA! LOVE IT!

(*side note* I am choosing for the moment to ignore/discount all other conversations they've had that end up in ridiculous antics such as fighting, crying, or screaming)