Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Because I have a few new favorites that I just HAVE to share, here they are on a Wednesday.

1) Red Velvet Cheesecake Blast from Sonic. Holy Cow. This thing is DEEE-licious! And of course they're only here through Valentine's Day. I've been squandering the Sonic gift cards Michael got from his students for Christmas, almost entirely on this delightful treat.

2) Our new Hoover vacuum cleaner. You know how you can get in a routine/rut and not realize you're making life a whole lot harder on yourself than it has to be? That's how it was for me with vacuuming with our old Dirt Devil (that finally died, thank goodness). This Hoover is the bomb. It actually picks up stuff the first time (imagine!), it's easier to cart around from room to room, it's light-weight, and it's MUCH quieter. Michael actually suggests we vacuum together as a family a couple times a week (HA!! How's THAT for miraculous?!)

3) Trampolines. Not all trampolines. Just ours. Because having one in our back yard now makes a world of difference for a tired mama with a boy (or two) who have limitless stores of energy and games waiting to be expended. It's a beautiful thing.

4) Beth Moore. This woman is amazing. Just started her bible study about David, titled A Heart Like His. Today was my first day to do the workbook, and as usual, she had me from hello. Anticipating a lot of stretching and growing. Very exciting.

5) My husband. I was exhausted yesterday, for several reasons, and just wanted some time to myself. So when Michael got home, he said, "Go do what you need to do. I'll take the boys." So I took off at 5:30pm and had a night to rest and recharge and do whatever I wanted, while he played in the floor with our kiddos and straightened up the house. Yeah, he did. Love him.