Friday, May 13, 2011


We got Bennett's big boy room all set up, minus a couple of things for the walls that I'm still in the process of making/affording. I'm a little bummed about it because I don't just love the wall color (not quite what I was going for). I'm the world's WORST at picking the right shade of paint. But it matches and looks decent, so for now, it stays.

The comforters on the bunk beds are ones that I bought over a year ago, knowing already the look I was going for with the boys' shared room. For now, Jasper is still in his room (which I also redecorated, using Bennett's old nursery/little boy stuff). The plan is to move him with Bennett around Christmas time. The full size bed from Bennett's room has been moved into Jasper's room. We can actually have guests, and when they come, they'll have a BED to sleep in, rather than the couch! Amazing concept!

The boys love their new rooms, and in preparation for them sharing in a few months, I've already combined their clothes into one closet, and have reorganized our toys and storage. It's working GREAT, which is always nice :).

And here are the pictures I promised (you'll have to excuse the TERRIBLE quality - Michael had our nice camera at work, so I had to use our old faithful little digital camera, and the pictures really do look like poop), and everything we did, we did with nothing out of pocket because of our garage sale and getting rid of a couple of things we just didn't need on Craigslist. Fabulous!

Big Boy Room
Jasper's Room


Rachel said...

The rooms look great, especially the one they will share! We have loved bunk beds and room-sharing at our house :)

Betsy@Living in the Moment said...

Call me crazy, but I love the paint color! Those bunk beds are going to tell lots of stories in the years to come. So much fun!