Saturday, May 21, 2011


I apologize for my lack of blogging these days. Life in our little family has exploded in the past couple of months, and I've been using every minute of my spare time just keeping up with ordinary, every day stuff, like cleaning and cooking dinner.

This year I'm involved in the huge production our church does every year called Summer Spectacular. It's like VBS on steroids. Very big, very powerful steroids. I practice three days a week (sometimes more), and it reminds me of my Spring Sing days at Harding, but even more intense because there's more music, more dancing, and more script to memorize, along with the fact that I now have a husband, house and children to take care of. Whew!! It's SOOO much fun when we're practicing, but sometimes I feel like a chicken with my head cut off when I'm at home dancing around in my bedroom while the boys are napping, trying to remember lyrics and dance moves and dialogue. It's a three night show that runs twice through over the course of an entire week in the middle of June, and this year we're doing the story of Noah. It totally rocks, and I can't wait for all the kids in our church and community to get to see it (and adults, too).

Other than that, I've also picked up a couple extra hours a week teaching children's bible class at our church, and next weekend I'm singing in a wedding of two wonderful, beautiful friends of mine who are marrying each other. The guy, Austin, is on praise team with me, and the girl, Anita, was the first person to evaluate Jasper months and months ago; she gave me the feedback I needed to pursue ECI occupational therapy with my little guy. I owe a lot to her. So I've been working on the song this past week when I'm not working on Summer Spectacular insanity :).

Also, to give an update on what's going on in our household, after a lot of prayer and quite a few conversations with family (and friends who are experienced in the matter) we have decided that I am going to homeschool Bennett next year. Saying this makes me almost laugh out loud because I NEVER thought I would do this, but there is so much peace and excitement that comes with this decision, that I know it's the right one for our family at this point in time. There are several reasons for my/our decision, and if you're interested in hearing them, I'd be happy to share in person. I'll say right now that I have no idea how long we will do this. For now I'm taking it a year at a time, and I'm super excited about doing it next year. This year Bennett was in a 3's class that we really loved, and we loved his teachers, and I also did some curriculum on the side with him at home on Mondays and Wednesdays. One of my concerns about homeschooling was that my buddy and I would really butt heads because we're a lot alike in a lot of ways, but from the work we've done together this year, I know that's not the case. We work well together in a school setting, which is exciting. I will also say that I am so very thankful for one of my good friends who lives a couple minutes down the road. Her laid back approach coupled with the way she loves and supports her children is a phenomenal example for me to look to, and since she's already homeschooled for three years, I'm able to learn from options she's already explored. So needless to say, I've also been busy, busy, busy with researching curriculum, attending an awesome homeschooling convention, and making plans for next year.

On top of all this, I painted and redecorated and shifted around the boys' bedrooms (see previous post), which also kept me busy for a week or two.

So pardon my lack of blogdom and please see fit to extend a little grace :). I should be back in the regular swing of things around late June with updates on me, the boys, and all our summer fun.


Jason and Summer said...

Miss seeing you. Can't wait to see you in the Noah play this year! I'm excited to hear more about the homeschooling...we need to get together soon this summer. I've been thinking about homeschooling more than I'd care to admit lately. I don't think it's in our plans for next year but who knows! :-) I am one that never thought it would even cross my mind.