Saturday, October 6, 2007

100 things

I'm not planning on blogging every day or claiming to have remotely enough to interest myself or others with that frequency, but bear with me since this is all new to me and still lots of fun! I'm stealing a post I saw from Haley's blog, 100 things about me you may not know. So here goes....
1. My favorite color is violet.
2. I've lived in 7 different cities in Texas.
3. All of my extended family (minus an aunt and two cousins) live within an hour of my house.
4. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
5. On Christmas at Granny's we have a kickball tournament: adults vs. kids
6. I LOVE red hair.
7. I bite my nails.
8. I pop/play with my ear when I'm tired.
9. I LOVE to swim but don't go underwater because I got a double ear infection years ago and it
messed up my ears a little.
10.I have to wash my hair everyday or it's beyond gross.
11.I like dressing up fancy.
12.I played the flute for 6 years before I started singing and planned on playing professionally.
13.I started out as a music major at Harding.
14.One dream of mine is to either adopt or foster children all our lives.
15.Another dream of mine is to record my music in a professional studio.
16.I write my own music on guitar and piano and play it occasionally for my family.
17.I have the itch to have another baby.
18.Michael and I want to have 4 kids or maybe more.
19.I love drawing and wish I'd taken more lessons.
20.The cello is the most beautiful instrument EVER and someday I WILL learn to play it.
21.I stole a little stuffed bunny when I was 6 years old and got caught - got the spanking of my
22.I've never broken a bone.
23.I'd never had stitches until a year ago when I sliced my hand using a knife to open a
cinnamon roll can - ridiculous.
24.I was a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do a LOOONG time ago.
25.I was fat when I was younger - lost 30 lbs. my senior year of high school.
26.Milk is my favorite beverage.
27.I'm not all that fond of chocolate.
28.My greatest fear growing up was that I'd never be married.
29.I've been married a bit over 4 years.
30.I didn't enjoy being pregnant all that much the first time - I was impatient - but I think I'll
really enjoy it the next time around since I know what to expect.
31.My hair keeps getting darker and darker...sigh.
32.I'm not as naturally social or as much of an extrovert as I used to be.
33.I want to go to Greece and see the things Michael saw the whole semester he lived there.
34.I don't really like TV or being hooked on TV shows.
35.I love watching animated Disney movies.
36.Pride and Prejudice is hands down my favorite book of all time.
37.I love decorating and cleaning our home and making it feel nice.
38.I don't think I'm a very good host in my home when others come over - it stresses me out.
39.I care too much about what other people think.
40.I LOVE thunderstorms.
41.I'd like to live in a big city and be a "city girl".
42.I am extremely offended by Oprah Winfrey and her luke-warm, vague, paganistic views on
life and spirituality and her free-love acceptance of all practices and beliefs in our worldly
culture (oh, don't get me started!! It's a soap-box a mile high!)
43.I am no longer a customer of HomeDepot due to our recent paint problems. Lowe's is my
new home improvement best friend.
44.I want a new used car but recognize that this will not become a reality for several years.
45.I love our house.
46.I have finally come to the point in my life where I actually ENJOY exercising.
47.My mom is my best friend.
48.I like teaching little kids, though when I was little I insisted I would never be a teacher.
49.I had a black lab named Pete and a poodle named Pierre (the French form of Peter) when I
was little.
50.My parents are really cool.
51.All four of my grandparents were still alive until my PawPaw died this summer.
52.My favorite flower is the white rose.
53.I don't like lipstick or lipgloss. It feels gross.
54.I'm very particular about the way my socks feel on my feet.
55.My teeth are crooked because I stopped wearing my retainer.
56.I collect cute earrings and bracelets.
57.I love the smell of a candle but always forget to light them.
58.I'd much rather be cold than hot - you can always put on more clothes but can only take so
many off!
59.My favorite season is fall.
60.I'm no good at math.
61.I'm a pretty good writer.
62.I'd like to write a novel someday.
63.I LOVE to read.
64.I'm a good speller.
65.I edit Michael's papers for school (he's getting his masters at UNT).
66.I'd much rather fly than drive.
67.I have to eat my steak with ketchup.
68.I now eat baked potatoes with plain yogurt instead of sour cream - much healthier and
tastes almost the same.
69.I hate the zoo (but will sacrifice so my son can go - in cooler weather it's not so bad).
70.I hate ice skating.
71.I love roller skating.
72.I wish I had a bicycle, though I'm not sure I'd actually use it :)
73.I want to be a missionary in China someday.
74.I'm not a big fan of the outdoors.
75.I prefer vegetables over fruits.
76.I'm trying to eat healthier.
77.I work 2 days a week and stay home with Bennett the rest of the week.
78.I type fast.
79.I'd like to work for the State Board of Education someday and try to make a difference.
80.I like shoes but don't have a ton of them.
81.Jazzercise helped me lose all of my pregnancy weight.
82.I listen to KLTY.
83.I'm conservative with my money.
84.I really like cheesecake.
85.I really like banana pudding.
86.I like food too much.
87.My parents are fantastic grandparents.
88.I'm having SERIOUS trouble thinking of anything else to write.
89.My favorite teacher ever was my 6th grade English teacher, Mrs. Benton.
90.I'm a planner and organizer.
91.I have awesome friends.
92.I want to visit California, New York City, and Montana - never been.
93.I highly recommend cruises for vacation.
94.This is getting REALLY old - if I'd known it would take this long I wouldn't have done it.
95.I like my church.
96.I write in a journal (have since 6th grade).
97.I'm in an AWESOME Bible study right now: Beth Moore study on Daniel
98.I'm a Texan through and through.
99.I'd like to live somewhere I've never lived someday, just to see what it's like.
100.My eyes were blue until I was 5 years old - at some point they turned green - not sure


Amanda said...

I love reading these learn so much about people. That was fun!!

Vicky Lynn said...

This is a cool list. I enjoyed learning new things about you. It's really special that your mom is your best friend.

Holly Scott DeGroot said...

ok, so i must be honest, i didn't read all 100 things, but the ones that I skimmed through were very cool things to learn about you, esp the fact that you're itching to have another baby. well, i just wanted to say HEY and that I am glad you joined the crowd with this whole blogging thing. It took me a while to give in too. :) But it really is quite a neat thing.

Kristen said...

Interesting, interesting. We need to hang out more often!

Haley said...

Wasn't it a whipping to get all 100! And I agree with Kristen, we need to hang out more, although my crew and I are a bit much, so if you can handle us it would be great1